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Addictive By Design
United Arab Emirates
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About Cuberis

Cuberis is a block-building puzzle video game in which

a random sequence of Ghost Minos

are placed onto an empty space on the "Grids" (3 planes that are perpendicular to each other).

The Player has to manipulate these Ghost Minos,

by moving each across the active plane (if required).

The Player can rotate it by 90 degree units(in 3d),

or place it on another plane by rotating the "Grids" to (changing the active plane) to get a better placement.

The aim is to create a row of blocks without gaps.

When such a row is created, it gets destroyed, and any block above the deleted row will fall down.

When a certain number of rows are cleared, the Player has achieved target score for that level and the game enters a new level.

A time limit is enforced to put pressure on the Player to complete the current level.

As the game progresses, each level has shorter play time and a higher target score.

The game ends when the Ghost Mino cannot be placed on the "Grids" or when the target score is not achieved within the time limit.

All of the Minos are capable of single clears.