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Sweet Lemon

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About Sweet Lemon

Everything started from a simple occurrence ! When the entire library collapsed and all the letters were mixed up ! Now it's time for you to put the letters and words together in to the books so that old tales come alive again ! Tales that have a lot of advises !

The word puzzle games is one of the most fascinating hobbies for Iranians and also from along time ago our great interest in hearing old tales . We tried to mix these two entertaining together ! Let's spend some good and funny time together ! The Sweet Lemon is a word puzzle game that players must find a lot of words to hear an old Persian tales ! The Sweet Lemon is not like any other word games at all ! Lemons are a different game that needs to be experienced !

What makes my game unique?

* Old Persian tales with funny characters * Attractive word puzzle games * Attractive game arts

Why could my game win an award?

Sweet lemon has a new innovation that engages children in old and fascinating tales !