الفائزون و المتأهلون 3rd IMGA MENA

Find Me If You Can (a needle in a haystack)

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3rd IMGA

Alaa Farah
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    About Find Me If You Can (a needle in a haystack)

    This is an object hunting game, you will look for specific beautiful little things in a big image that consist of these tiny objects.

    🔍 hundreds and hundreds of tiny things to find
    🔍 frequently added levels, basically you can play forever
    🔍 big pictures contain a lot of little objects 🐬 🌟 🍋 🦉
    🔍 it is like thousands of little memories games, it is good for your brain
    🔍 search through small thing after another looking for the wanted objects
    🔍 for example: seek small Dolphin, little Owl & thousand beautiful tiny animals and objects
    🔍 find hidden objects with time limit
    🔍 relaxing objects hunting game
    🔍 Practice Different Languages
    🔍 you will spend forever looking for little things in a big picture
    🔍 amazing and unique clutter
    🔍 find everything as quickly as you can
    🔍 good game for 2 players and families to play together
    🔍 dont be a total wally where there's a will there's a way (seek and find all the targets)
    🔍 it is like having a (remote control) or waldo where you can play hide n' seek with hidden characters