From the call for entries
to the award ceremony

Mobile games are the driver of the revolution in mobility. They have changed the place games have taken in our daily lives and the lives of our kids, our parents, grand parents. There is no other application that is pushing the performance of mobile phones and tablets to the bleeding edge.
The number of new games coming out every year on the App Store and Google Play!
The number of entries for the 11tH IMGA.
The number of games that were nominated in 2015.
The number of winners who have received an award on March 3, 2015 during the IMGA ceremony in San Francisco.

The International Mobile Gaming Awards have been celebrating the best of mobile gaming for ten years.

Created during Monte Carlo’s IMAGINA Festival in 2004, they have since reviewed thousands of mobile games from all around the world.


Each year, the IMGA have a huge diversity of participants, including indie developers, researchers, artists, PhD students, and the top 10 leading mobile games publishers and developers in the world.


They have been the first to show new trends, predict the success of newly launched games and talented indies, and discovered new technologies of exceptional quality in art and design.


The Awards have been the first to recognise games such as Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, Edge, Candy Crush and The Walking Dead, studios such as Supercell (formerly Sumea and Digital Chocolate), and amazing technologies like augmented reality, location based games and the first mobile MMOs.


You can now view all of our IMGA history on our site! It’s a unique source of information and inspiration for developers, publishers and gamers. You can find some stunning concepts that have never been released, as well as great successes from the Java gaming era.