Gagnants et nominés 3rd IMGA MENA


Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

Cesar Salame / Nadeem Ghanem / Ramy Omar
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Alter is a mobile puzzle game.
The player must help our hero ANA navigate between 2 parallel worlds to solve puzzles and advance in her quest. As the game unfolds, ANA will encounter new elements to interact with as well as new types of enemies to make her quest harder.
The full game includes a total of 21 puzzles and 2 main hubs while the current playable demo includes the first hub and the first 9 puzzles (without sound, music or the introduction)

Why could my game win an award?

Venturing into video games was a passion project for us. We were interested to create a puzzle game that we would genuinely enjoy. A fresh concept, innovative mechanics and appealing art were our goals. In order to fulfill this objective, ALTER was created.

The game involve the exploration of two parallel worlds. The player progresses by solving puzzles, which are based on interactions between the worlds. The concept was simple but tough to execute. What could we do with parallel universes? How will it be possible to travel from one world to the other? How will the player be able to understand his whereabouts? What kind of enemies could he potentially encounter? Should an item have different functions? Should the same item act differently in each world? Answering all those questions was a major challenge. However, it ended up opening a completely new horizon for us as developers and ultimately for the player.

ALTER is our very first game, made with no prior experience or any kind of support, so we are absolutely thrilled to be nominated. We put a lot of effort and time into this game and being recognized like this makes it all worthwhile.

Thank you for the support and enjoy the game!