Gagnants et nominés 3rd IMGA MENA


Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

Oussama BONNOR
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    About Catcheep

    Catcheep is a game that tells a funny story about how simply tapping some running sheep can become ultra fun! It has aliens, wolfs, sheeps, cars exploding and even spaceships! Developing it was so much fun making it and we wanna deliver the fun we had during the developement into all the players!

    Catcheep is a fun, original catch game that will keep you on the edge of your chair! Get yourself set and ready to catch all\'em sheep!

    Aliens came to visit our planet but guess what? They ran out of fuel and you\'ve got to help them out!

    Here\'s the kicker though: Sheep are the fuel aliens need for their spaceships engines to start!

    Wolfy is their savior! Fortunately, he proposed a deal and they agreed to pay for the amount of sheep needed. But Wolfy can\'t do it on his own. Your mission, then, is to help Wolfy catch the right number of sheep! But beware of the sick sheepies; the aliens are very picky when it comes to quality!

    Follow Wolfy\'s instructions in order to properly catch the requested sheep amounts in each mission and then exchange them with cash.

    You can also purchase the sheepy help tools in the shop to make it easier to catch them !

    Ranking up the mission levels isn\'t all what we\'ve got in store for ya! Catch the max amount of sheep to challenge your friends and conquer the leaderboards! Show them all you are the best!

    To get even more help, search for the sheepy tips we gave you to have an even better, enjoyable playing experience! Get yourself ready and your fingers prepped, and enjoy the ride!!

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game s idea is original, it brings the concept of farm related games into a whole new level! It can be played both as a story based game & as a fun casual one. The game is highly rated and most of it's players have reported that the idea is funny, the gameplay is smooth and they keep asking for more & more features! So try it out your self!

    Why could my game win an award?

    The Grand Prix of IMGA MENA is a very honnorable award and being a nominee is certainly a prestigious title to receive but we are very ambecious and would love to go for the gold! The main reason why we should win is because of the originality of the idea, the funny concept and how the athmosphere of the game is made in general.