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Deep Blue Dump

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3rd IMGA

The Stories Studio
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    About Deep Blue Dump

    A beautiful baby turtle has just hatched and began his first ocean journey. Can you keep him safe from the plastic pollution? Be the guardian spirit and get the best distance. Push away plastic trash from the turtle's path Features: - One finger control - Endless gameplay mode - Challenge mode - Randomized levels - Get the best distance! - Discover secrets about plastic pollution - Unlock more spirit guardians
    Deep Blue Dump is a game about a baby turtle on his first ocean journey. The player acts as a spirit guardian that pushes plastic trash away from the turtle's path to keep him safe. The objective of the game is to get as much distance as possible. Players can collect stars in the game to unlock different spirits with different abilities to progress and get a better distance score. Levels are randomly generated and it has an endless mode as well as a challenge mode to keep you excited! Our aim is to raise awareness about plastic pollution, by giving facts and tips on reducing individual consumption, while allowing players to make real changes by leading them to resources within the game.

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game is unique because it brings attention to an important worldwide crisis. We also offer our players opportunities within the game to take action regarding plastic pollution by providing resources within the game to partners who are working in the plastic pollution space. Our simple gameplay with hand-drawn art for a cause is what makes our game unique.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We think we can win the grand prix award because we not only plan on creating a fun commercial game but we are creating this game for a cause. Through our interactive simple gameplay, we hope to inspire empathy, spread awareness and positive action about ocean plastic pollution. In addition we plan on contributing 2.5% of our sales revenue to the plastic pollution cause. So you make a difference just by playing this game.