Gagnants et nominés 3rd IMGA MENA

Kawa & Khaje

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3rd IMGA

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    About Kawa & Khaje

    Kawa & Khaje is a platformer game inspired by the Kurdish Culture
    Play as Kawa or Khaje and discover their cute love story filled with the challenges they face throughout different environments, like Erbil Citadel!

    What makes my game unique?

    Everything you experience in the game is inspired by the Kurdish culture, the clothes variation shows the Kurdish traditional fashion (colors and styles), the story is simple yet shows some of the challenges the region face, an example in the 3rd environment it shows the electricity issue and how Kawa & Khaje deal with it as a daily routine. Even the user interface feature old tv style with the puppet show story style.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Kawa & Khaje may appear as a normal platform game but everything you experience in the game is unique & new to the game industry cause it's inspired by the Kurdish culture (Story, Customization, and UI), which we don't find in the game industry. As a result the game contains several aspects that deeply related and connected to the Kurdish players.