Gagnants et nominés 3rd IMGA MENA

Thunder Chase

Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

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    About Thunder Chase

    Your plane is surrounded by fierce enemy missiles. Your plane is agile but enemy missiles are faster. Can you survive this missile hell without your plane is hit? Boosts can be handy but you don't have much. Armor After being hit, your Armor allows you to endure a few more hits without taking damage and also slows time for a while. Decoy Bomb Drop off a decoy bomb, which attracts all active missiles to itself for a while and destroys unlucky ones close to it. EMP Fire a massive blast, which destroys every enemy. They are few in number so save some for impossible situations. ★ Lots of planes with different capabilities to help you get higher scores. ★ 38 Talismans increasing your chances to get more stuff. ★ Easy Mode for a more forgiving experience.