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Run Dehghan Run

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Mohammad Benyamin Pasvar
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About Run Dehghan Run

Run, Dehghan, Run !
It was a cold autumn day. The sun had set behind the snowy mountains of one of the villages of Azerbaijan. Rizali had finished his work, too, ready to come back home. Suddenly, a terrifying roar came from the mountain. Lots of rock fell of the mountain, blocking the railway. Meanwhile, there was the sound of a train horn, warning that it was nearby.
Rizali was afraid the train would hit the rocks in the dark… But he came up with an idea. Despite the severe cold, he took all his clothes off, then thought of the story to be told later. So he put a little of them back on, tied the rest on his wooden stick and set fire to them. Rizali started riding his fast donkey, holding the torch up, right towards the train.
The train was running!
Rizali was running!
The train was running!
Rizali was running!
The game “Run, Dehghan, run!” is based on a true story featuring Rizali Khajavi, A sacrificing farmer who risks his own life to stop a train from hitting rocks on a railway. The story of this game is a comic look at this story.
The game is A runner, and the player, who is in charge of controlling Rizali, needs to ride a donkey along the way, avoid the obstacles and collect the torches on the way so the torch in Rizali’s hand would not die and the train stays safe.
The longer the player can keep the fire burning, the more scores they will get and can climb up the leaderboard.
The game is controlled via the touch screen and gyroscope; in a way that the main two mechanics of the game, which are jumping and moving forward and backward are controlled.
The game includes missions which release the game “pick ups” when finished successfully. These pickups will be available to the played to use once released. These pickups include power ups and tools which help Rizali keep the fire burning for a longer time.
Additionally, the game has a “skill tree” which players can use to upgrade the character’s abilities and skills so he could avoid the obstacles better, keep the fire burning longer and earn higher scores.
Graphics and music
Since the game is inspired by a true story, we have tried our best to make the atmosphere relevant to the Iranian villages’ ones.
The spectacular graphics of “Run, Dehghan, run” is rendered in 2D, using Iranian and eastern imagery and perspectives. The main character and his donkey are also created compatible with this type of imagery and atmosphere.
The music and sound effects are also created and mixed by village instruments and a little funny, considering the requirements above.