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سائق محترف: إنطلاقة جديدة – Pro Driver: New Start

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Younes Ouhbi
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    About سائق محترف: إنطلاقة جديدة – Pro Driver: New Start

    Pro Driver is a unique vehicle ownership game that will truly test the skills of any driver, including but not limited to speed & reflexes, driving quality and knowledge! It offers various activities that each presents a specific challenge. The game also introduces a cast of interesting and funny characters that accompany the player while they tend to their vehicles, buy their garages, purchase insurance or pay their taxes. Be careful, if you are stopped by a cop, you better have all your papers in order!

    What makes my game unique?

    Pro Driver is a unique game in its own genre and there is no game quite like it! It isn't just a runner game and it isn't just a plain racing game. It combines both while adding a whole dimension of money management, vehicle ownership and maintenance and knowledge quizzes, everything is done with voiced characters that speak both Arabic and the Moroccan local dialect. It offers activities that take 10+ minutes and others that take around 1 minute and more diverse activities are on the way.

    Why could my game win an award?

    If Pro Driver wins an award, it would be because it is an innovative game that introduces considerable twists on both the racing genre and the more casual runner genre with great production values, the game looks quite amazing on a high end phone and I'm quite proud of that and the work that went into it. That said, to be honest, there are some amazing games in this year selection that I think deserve an award more so that's fine :)