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Save Castle

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2nd IMGA

Masoud Asgarian
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About Save Castle


After previous battle, Ahriman’s forces were crushed and Dark Magic ended for good. Following his defeat, Ahriman used another trick. He opend a gate from his realm to Ahora’s realm. Then he made an army of beasts in his realm and ordered them to attack Ahora’s realm.

Following this Niki constructed a magical stronghold to stop ahriman’s invasion. She brought Arash from Pardis to fight Ahriman’s forces and lead the resistance.

Now all the warriors are gathered to fight darkness once again.


In Salahshooran: Save The Castle, you play the role of Arash. A bow master and leader of resistance against darkness, he and his allies will fight endless waves of enemies from Hell sent by Ahriman.

Salahshooran: Save The Castle is a Tapping game. In this game you should with each tap you damage enemies. Also your allies and other heroes will also help you in defeating them. Every fallen enemy drops coins which can be used to purchase Upgaredes for Arash and other heroes or bring in new allies.