Winners & nominees 3rd IMGA MENA

هوشة بالعقال – Arabian Standoff

Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

Hazim Al-Hanbali
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    About هوشة بالعقال – Arabian Standoff

    Cowboy Standoff Arabian style

    Focus and attack your opponent at the right time, unlock lots of weapons including fire weapons, freeze weapons, and destroy your rival, have fun whip your enemy ragdoll in the air.

    Epic Physics simulation for the attack, different weapons with different effects.

    Super fun casual game

    What makes my game unique?

    The game concept is an original combination of western cowboy standoff and the Arabian culture where the character uses his head band (Eiqal) as a weapon. The game has a unique art style that blends cartoon 3D modeling with realistic texturing. It includes multiple dynamic environments that blend seamlessly throughout the gameplay. It also includes physics simulation for attacks that makes the game unexpected and fun to play.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Because the game concept and theme are original