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Mahdi Fanaei
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    About 41148

    41148 is about a man that wakes up in a weird ruined building full of dead budies and can't remember his identity! So you should help him to find out that why he's there and who is he! He will face new characters, places and horrible events. A bloody way is in front of you and for reaching your goal and revealing the mysteries you should pay its price!

    What makes my game unique?

    41148 took 3 years to be made. Known as the Best Android adventure game in Iran. Self published on Google play and got more than 1 million downloads. Has more than 10 locations and levels. Hundreds of musics and tens of cinematic scenes.

    Why could my game win an award?

    I'm an Art teacher who loves telling stories and what media can be better than video games for story telling? So I spent 3 years of my life for telling the story of a man who fight against the forces that want to destroy our world for money and power. Because of controversial subject of my game, it didn't win any big prizes. But I'm happy that now 41148 has thousands of fans and I receive lots of emails and comments from people who telling me that they cried at the end of the game and it surprised them that how it's telling the story of our present world!