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Romeo Adventures

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1st IMGA

Taj Al Arabe Al brouhi
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    About Romeo Adventures

    Romeo Adventures is a fun 2D platform game with a variety of carefully-designed levels that never fails to entertain throughout this exciting adventure. The artistic blend of good old classic platform with more modern video-game elements makes Super Romeo World a fun game that appeals to all tastes and ages.

    Story : Our story begins when the king made a challenge among his Royal Chefs: “I, your king, promise you that whoever makes the best birthday cake for my son will become the Master Chef of the palace!”

    You play as a young brave boy, Romeo, who was assigned the task of collecting four Easter Eggs from the Underworld to help his uncle make the best birthday cake for the king and earn the title of The Master Chef.

    What makes my game unique?

    Unlike other games that fall within the scope of platform genre, Romeo Adventures easily stands out from the rest thanks to a number of factors. The convenient freedom of movement (both, horizontally and vertically), the absence of pressure under a preset time limit, the sporadic puzzle and chase elements that keep monotony at bay along with the successful marriage of graphics, sound and design are all key elements which combine to define the uniqueness of Romeo Adventures.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Besides the common thread of an indescribable passion for video games that binds us as team, each of the members that worked on Romeo Adventures possesses a solid set of skills in graphics, animation and programming. We strongly believe the grand prix is ours to claim simply because we are absolutely confident in our skills and in the quality of the project at hand.