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Airline Story

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Mahsa Keivan
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About Airline Story

Airline Story will start when the player gets in the game for the first time, she will see the Helper greeting her with a short introductory massage. Then she is guided to building the Travel Agency building. After that, she is introduced to the customer list and the Travel Agency Screen. The first customer list is the same for everybody. All the steps are explained to the player and as she proceeds through the tutorial, guiding arrows help to show her the next button that she has to tap on. Also, an achievement for doing so should be given to her. Next that, we give her a quest that asks her to sell 3 more tickets. Completing this quest should increase her level to next. We tell the player to build a hanger. Then we give him an airplane. Now the helper helps the player to get familiar with the flight setup feature. Asking her to tap on the hanger or button then choosing a plane, at that time choosing a destination, and the price. The price should not be too high or nobody would buy it. When it’s good and ready we tell her to tap on the button so that it’s open to all the players. Then we give him a quest that asks to “send a customer to a destination using your own plan” and generate a customer with the same destination and ask the player to buy that customer a ticket. When we reach the Travel Agency Screen, we make sure that she chooses her own ticket. By building the hanger an option called My Flights will appear. By tapping on my flights a screen will appear that shows the player’s airplanes and the state that they are in. there are 3 states that airplanes can have. • Idle: when the plane is just sitting there inside the hanger and it's doing nothing. • Boarding: when the flight has been set up and is waiting to fly • In the air: when the plane is in the air When the player send his or her plane to its destination it’s time to let them try to upgrade their buildings and buy new buildings. In Airline Story we have main buildings which basically each of them has a unique duty to do and can be upgrade, also of course cosmetic just for customizing map. Buildings in Airline Story are: • Travel agency which is the most important building in our game. The travel agency allows players to access customers and sell tickets to them. By building the travel agency, “customer feature” gets available. Tapping on the travel agency opens up the “travel agency screen” and through that, the players can buy and sell tickets. • Hangar is a building that players need to have in order to have airplanes. The players can see their planes here. They can also use the plane’s cosmetic feature here as well. This building is an upgradable building. Upgrading this building unlocks more slots to hold more planes. • Kitchen is a building that creates amount of food in a specific time, so player can collect them for its own flight. • Hotel is a gold generating building that may also be a beneficial building as well. This is also an upgradable building. The gold generation part is very simple, after a set amount of time a set amount of gold is ready to get collected by the player. • Game Center is a gem generating building that generates a set amount of gems, in a set amount of time. The price should also be in gem which player can collect. • Terminal is a building which is a beneficial building. This building increases the number of customers that get generated in each cycle. • Control Tower is a valuable building that can be decrease the Travel time duration of the flights. • Charter Building is a structure will unlock the travel agency feature. When setting up a flight, the player can activate this option. The way this feature works is this: When a player has 2 or more customers stacked on each other and goes to agency select screen, only the flights that have 2 or more open seats appear. • Comfort Zone is an unlocking building that enables the comfort feature. This is an upgradable building. With upgrading this building level of comfort will increase so tickets will be much more valuable. • Entertainment Center is an unlocking building too that enables the performing feature. This is an upgradable building too. • Achievement building is a building which is already in game by beginning. Player when done and collect set amount of achievement, this building is also upgrade as well. By up grading this building new achievement unlock too. • Clan In airline Story we have characters which we mentioned one of them above, Helper. But we also have many more like the Captain, the proud one, our technician and of course two event announcers which they usually present new features in our game like achievement, Daily Reward, daily tasks and quest. Since we mentioned about side features, let us explain more about them now. In this game we also have other features that player need to consider more. One of them is Achievement that players have tasks to gain a prize of achievement after completing them. Moreover, there is a daily reward which is designed for players to open up game and collect their prize as well. If they try to check every they there is a big prize at the end of month. The other feature that we have in airline story is wheel of fortune which is going to add to game when player build Game center building, as a result there will be an icon on HUD, so he or she can tap on it and try to test by rotating it just once in a day and collect their award too. In Airline Story, there are a lot of Challenges and bonus then after that there will be a clan! And it’s just here that you’ll enter in another cool world too! In clan players can join as a team and communicate with each other. Besides, they can Hi jack other clans in clan wars too. Hi jack designed to push players of a clan try to play and stay more time in game.
Airline Story is a free-to-play Tycoon online game, developed and published by SkyRiders Game Studio. Airline Story was first lunched on Android platform and developed by Unity 3d game engine. However Airline story will be publish soon for ios as well. In Airline Story you can start your own travel agency, compete with other gamers for online tickets sales, build hotel and terminal for travelers, provide food and entertainment for customers, win coins and gems and improve your Airport city.

What makes my game unique?

The idea of this game is almost unique since you can sell your ticket online and by earning money try to upgrade your airport and having better accommodations for customers. Beside that the graphic itself is high and almost with 1GB Ram and line of internet player can enjoy from it.

Why could my game win an award?

We believe that using young talent, with extraordinary creativity and Intelligence, we can achieve this. The Airline Story is an exciting and engaging experience that the players can face and challenges of managing an airport city. One of the strengths of the game is art that the young artists of the team perform. Giving players good feels with their personal aircraft, airport city, managing Airlines, power of costume city and aircraft in the game and so much more. Yes we believe we can win this.