Winners & nominees 4th IMGA MENA

Alien Football كرة الفضاء

Nominated for the

4th IMGA

Mosaique Games
Saudi Arabia
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About Alien Football كرة الفضاء

Alien Football is a sports arcade game that is simple to play but difficult to master. Guard your goal while shooting the balls near you at other players with your force field. The winning player will be the last player standing on the field with remaining points.

What makes my game unique?

Alien Football immediately immerses the player in the game. It also makes use of a mobile's accelerometer as a method to control their spaceship (virtual joystick is optional). This makes controls simpler and feels more interactive, which enables players to keep their eyes on the balls.

Why could my game win an award?

Fun gameplay, fun visuals, fun experience, no complications. Alien Football focuses on what makes a mobile game successful.