Winners & nominees 2nd IMGA MENA

Ancients Revival

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2nd IMGA

Ahmad Mohammadnejad
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About Ancients Revival

Ancients Revival is an innovative and competitive online turn-based game that blends RPG elements alongside focusing on player's ownership of game

A Hero focus RPG game that cast players as holy guardians of the ancient lands which, due to the furtive activities of malevolent people, is now overrun by monstrosities.

What makes my game unique?

Art style : Inspired by eastern culture, specially Ancient Persia Gameplay Mechanics : We try to make classical RPG more accessible for Mid-Core audiance Chakra (hero’s super power​) ​Heroes have a big role in our gameplay, Besides, having more spells comparing to other troops, they have inner power that can emerge as a giant monster with extraordinary power (legendary creature) This helps battle finish in a reasonable time Gives the player a sense of power that is needed for the proper conclusion of the war. With beautiful VFX and SFX, breathing new air into the battle Raid raid is a type of puzzle base mission in our game in which a number of people attempt to defeat a Boss in a battlefield. In this type of contests, we want them to integrate with one another while doing specific roles as members of a team. We’ll have a raid​ ​leader who will direct the group efficiently, because of the complexities of​ ​keeping many players working well together. At the end, we give​ ​our player lots of rewards in terms of virtual treasure and items that are​ ​unique or that grant special abilities, thus giving our players an incentive to​ ​participate.