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Balloons Ninja

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    About Balloons Ninja

    There is no time to enjoy your sushi, You have to Help Sho to master The Balloons Ninjutsu and to become a true balloon ninja warrior in Japan!. In this new challenge, Your task is to survive the wave of balloons. You do that by jumping from one balloon to another. You must break the record of the previous Ninjas. Unfortunately this will not be an easy task, There are a lot of foes who will join forces to distract you from your training. Always beware of the incoming Sumo!. No matter if it's during the early time of the Day, Evening or if it is at Night. Always stay calm like a shadow, Move fast like the wind and Proof yourself to Mr.Sensei. Highlight Features: - A unique gameplay with new mechanics. - Interesting art style inspired by Japanese anime. - 3 different scenes based on the time of playing. - Facebook and Twitter integration. - Support Game Center Services. - FREE Game.