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Black Rims : Wanted || BETA Release

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mohamed alla eddine behi
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    About Black Rims : Wanted || BETA Release

    Black Rims Wanted offers an addictive and challenging gameplay with unique retro style graphics where you have to survive waves of increasingly deadly law enforcement as you drive your getaway vehicle from a bank heist. The unique black and white art style, free roaming maps and legendary unlockable vehicles make for an addictive and unforgettable experience.

    -Escape epic cop chases and become the most wanted heist driver
    -Unlock legendary vehicles
    -Find powerups to enhance your car
    -Rob banks and survive against police units, SWAT , helicopters, military tanks, airstrikes jeeps and more.
    -Heist all around the world from Italy to Egypt, Paris and India.
    -Free-roaming maps for action-packed drifting and racing against the cops.

    What makes my game unique?

    BRW offers challenging gameplay with black and white retro style graphics which make it unique on its category. The chase techniques, the art style, and the addictive gameplay makes it one of the best mobile games in the world.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The Game have already won awards like the game of the year in Tunisia and hopefully will win other awards, and this is due to the addictive and not forgettable experience we offer to players, an experience that reminds gamers of the good old days of GTA1 & 2 and Driver.