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Clown: Legendary Theater

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About Clown: Legendary Theater

Game Origins as a young developer team started his career in 2014 . We spent 2 years collecting the knowledge needed to create standard 3D games and combining them with our new ideas . This is the main aim of our team to think of new ideas . " Clown: Legendary Theater " is the game we have created recently. It is about a " Clown " who is master of " Pantomime " . He performs many pantomimes in a theater named " Legendary Theater " for the player. Then the player must think and guess the answer.

What makes my game unique?

I bet you have played many games in the real world. Sports, Puzzles, Board Games and so on. And there are lots of video games out there which have been created according to these games in the real world. But I want to surprise you. For the first time in the world of video games, we have created a 3D video game which is about " Pantomime ". Yeah ! You heard me. " Pantomime ". And who would you think is the performer ? A character that you really love. A Clown. Our lovely Clown is professional at everything. Body language, Face Expression and Music. And where is the best place for performing Pantomime by a Clown. You're right ! a " Theater " . " Clown: Legendary Theater " is the name of this fun game. Watch lot's of pantomimes, guess the answer and enjoy the high graphic of this game. Don't hesitate. This game has no rival out there, because it's the first 3D video game about "Pantomime" in the world.

Why could my game win an award?

We searched many game markets . There were some games about Pantomime , but they don’t have the same design and gameplay as the “ Clown : Legendary Theater “ has . Almost all of them were 2D . This game is a combination of lots of 3D Animations , High Graphic Environment , and specially a New Gameplay . Each time you try to find the answer of the Pantomimes , you will need a new perspective of thinking . Camera , Music , Animation have gathered together for a different idea and created a new type of video game that no one has ever played . And it's fun because the leading character is a " Clown ". He can get in any position and have any emotional feeling. In this game , you are going to recall your memories of many behaviors you have seen from different people in different situations . Many songs , voices and sounds you have heard throughout your lifetime . By playing this game you have to recall all of them or even search for them and ask other people who you think may know the answer . This way , in addition to have fun , you are grateful for knowledge you learn .