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4th IMGA

Tarik Canturk
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About Color.Motif

New, polished, relaxing, artistic puzzle game with lots of motifs and various difficulty.

Color.Motif is an artistic puzzle game. It is a sequel of previous game award-winning "Motif.

Relaxing puzzle environment, create your color-motif with given pieces.

Start the game for free and use "In-App Purchase" to unlock more content.
Color.Motif does not contain any ads.

• 512 beautifully hand-crafted motif levels
• 4 level season and gameplay challenge
• Mixed gameplay challenge for hardcore players
• 3 different hint type
• Beautifully crafted artistic puzzle game

What makes my game unique?

Color.Motif is a minimalistic puzzle game that creates a beautiful colorized motif and brings artistic elements to the foreground. The aim of the puzzle is to create the desired motif using the pieces that are given to you. In doing so, you need to pay attention to how many pieces the play area is divided into. The parts have symmetry equal to the number of areas on the screen. For this reason, you have to carefully choose where you need to put the pieces. In addition, you need to give attention to pieces color, order and scale to solve given motif exactly.

Why could my game win an award?

Color.Motif is unique puzzle game which is using symmetric shape and blend them smoothly for beautiful art. Game is challenging and also it has fun but players real award is creating an art pieces.