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Color Tracks : Tap & Switch

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2nd IMGA

jehad abdalqader
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    About Color Tracks : Tap & Switch

    Best tap game that contains curved paths , reflections and color switching .

    * How To play :
    - Tap on the required shape .
    - Don't make the required shape escapes off the screen .
    - Don't tap the non-required shape
    - Focus and hurry in the tap

    * Patterns of play :
    1) Reflections Mode (Color Switch) :

    It contains two lines of moving tracks, It reflect the direction of movement of the tracks and change level with time , the color changes every 10 taps so whatch out to color switch .

    2) Curves Mode (Paths) :

    It Contains moving curved paths including: two lines level , Cross lines ( intersections level ) , three lines and four lines level .

    3) Choice Mode ( Select to play ):

    A lot of kinds of toys in front of you, select one of them what you want , will amaze you .

    * Features:
    - Easy to move between stages and menus.
    - Many kinds of games.
    - Wonderful and attractive graphics like you are in a world of colors.
    - Increase the concentration of the player, and becomes more speed click.
    - You can make a login on Facebook, Twitter, invite your friends and publish your achievements.
    - Know your level among the players on the leaderboard.
    - The possibility of buying into the game.
    - Get a prize as a result of our support and our follow-up.

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game has a new idea that there is no like for it on the google play and app store , so the game excites the player to play again and again .

    Why could my game win an award?

    We took a one year to finish our game with an unprecedented idea , so we think we will be have a good choice to win Grand Prix this year .