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Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS

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4th IMGA

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    About Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS

    Critical Strike is a fast-paced mobile multiplayer FPS game with more than 15 million players. It has 150k DAU with 10 000 concurrent players worldwide and is growing rapidly.

    Vertigo Games is an independent video game development company located in Turkey.

    Our goal is to offer the players the best possible FPS gaming experience on both smartphones and tablets. We’re focusing in making the best games with polished and addictive game-play.

    What makes my game unique?

    ★ Real time multiplayer game with players all over the world ★ AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls ★ Small size (90 MB, No additional downloads) ★ Perfect optimization even for weak devices! ★ Many weapons, cosmetics, maps, ...

    Why could my game win an award?

    Critical Strike has more than 150K daily active users with 15 million total players base. Even though development has potential technical problems, we struggle with 10 people small-agile team. That is our uniqueness!