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Curvy Snake

Nominated for the

3rd IMGA

Murad Dasi
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    About Curvy Snake

    tap tap tap boom you collect candy or hit something and start over! collect candy, gyms and balloons. Curvy Snake is the new snake game similar to the old snake game that was popular years ago. players collect candy to buy snakes and compete to get the highest scores. sounds very simple but its very hard.

    - Tap tap tap .. tap to change direction and move.
    - Collect candy and gems.
    - Pop balloons
    - Play 2 game modes.
    - buy snake with candy and gems.
    - 100+ snake to choose from.
    - upgrade the lights for the cave game mode.
    - unlock achievements and leader board.

    Joy + fun + collect!

    What makes my game unique?

    The tap movement of the snake is unique and the huge number of snakes available to the player with each snake telling its own story. the snakes are colorful and fun to collect. In the cave your vision is limited and you cant see much, to make it worse there are bats that pop-up out of the dark and you should not hit. Collecting the entire 100+ snakes is a hard job but not impossible. collecting balloons is also hard because you should predict the path to cross with a balloon but at the same time avoid walls. all in all its focus demanding game that I wish you to enjoy.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The game is unique. Each of the 101 snakes are special. Once players try the game they spend a good chunk of their time playing the game unaware of their surroundings. its my 2nd Game EVER! and its 1000+ Downloads and 4.9 stars Thanks to everybody. Winning Will Allow Me To Make Better Games. #NeedNewComputer