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Tarboosh Games
United Arab Emirates / Turkey
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DCR: Drive.Crash.Repeat world consists of 45 levels, each level has a twist; your ultimate objective is to reach the end zone, before your time ends, by strategizing your every turn! Compete with your friends over best times and find the crafty hidden objects. Explore multiple alternative paths and different solutions for each level! Collect enough stars and objects to unlock bonus levels in this addictive and challenging game.

D.C.R is a thrilling experience for casual but even more so for hardcore gamers! Beat the learning curve and become a master! Play against your ghost or our 3 star ghosts to enhance your time! Beat through the levels in sequence or skip ahead.

Drifting and crashing has never been this fun! An experience that will grow on you as you get to explore vivid retro style environments and mouthwatering mechanics that span over 45 levels in 3 different worlds!

DCR: Drive.Crash.Repeat was originally created to be an impossible game that's also addictive and goal oriented, and once a proof of concept video was made it was greenlit on Steam Greenlight in eight days, reaching the top 100 status out of all games on Greenlight. It is planned to be released on Steam sometime in October, 2016. The game underwent a name change, originally the "Drive" part of the title was "Drift", so we changed it so players don't get the impression that it's a "drifting" game.

DCR: Drive.Crash.Repeat is a retro style, ludicrous auto-forward driving game with an amazing twist, and absolutely no brakes! The game is a fusion of classical puzzle and platformer elements with drifting/driving mechanics, an original concept not done before, and feedback from our beta testers was amazing! Game is addictive and fun! It may look easy, but it isn't! The game has an "Oh, I've figured it out!" moment almost at every curve in every level!

What makes my game unique?

The game is unique in the following terms: - The unique and original game concept which is a fusion of racing/drifting with puzzle/platforming elements! - The massive world and amount of 2D pixel art assets that were made to fill up the 3 different world and 45 levels! - The synergy between the multiple game elements and parts to make up such an addictive experience!

Why could my game win an award?

We believe that the hard work put into this game to make sure it's challenging, balanced and extremely fun will pay off, additionally for the following combined features: - The hardest-car-game-in-the-world! - 3 atmospheric worlds, 45 hand-crafted levels and 3 impossible bonus levels - 135 optional secretly hidden objects! - Crazy fun! Multiple solutions per level! - Simple to learn, hard to master, impossible to put down! - Retro style pixel art graphics!