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Farahan Story

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4th IMGA

Mohammad Mirzajani
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About Farahan Story

The "Farahan Story" game seems to have traveled in time and strongly reminiscent of the Japanese videogame of the 1980s, with a camera style from above and similar art features. But it follows a fictional game with homeland roots.

The narrative of the game starts from the place where the hero of the game, in the villages of the beach, wakes up. In a way that does not remember anything and has lost its memory. Now it is your job to accompany him on a funicular trip, get his memories, protect the village and ...


Best action-roleplay game of 8th Iran Game Festival

Best story Nominees of 8th Iran Game Festival

What makes my game unique?

The “Farahan Story”, is trying to present Myths and folklore of Middle East people, in a Nostalgia way. The “Farahan Story”, is the part of a greater world, called “Farahan”, which is made by a small and independent team and is going to be released in the market soon!

Why could my game win an award?

In the age that “free-to-play” and “in-app-purchase” games are taking over the market, “Farahan Story” ignores all these facilities and tries to prioritize its story more as well. The purpose of our game, which narratives humanitarian story, is to makes all gamers enjoying and playing in a same situation and we would try to do our best to keep up this goal!