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Flipper Knight: A Table Flipping Game

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3rd IMGA

Table Knight Games
Saudi Arabia
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    About Flipper Knight: A Table Flipping Game

    We decided to take "Table Flipping" games to the next level. The whole concept of table flipping may have started as a meme and several joke games were created but it seems no one took developing it seriously! We decided to save the day by creating this game and adding depth and quality to the Table Flipping "genre". Try Flipper Knight Today!

    Flip and stack tables in this fast-paced table flipping game that challenges your reaction time and precision. Styling a cartoony hand drawn art and fluid animations. Easy to learn by people of all ages!

    ◆ 5 Different modes of play

    -Classic: Flip and stack tables and each time you get a table right you will have less time to make your next move.

    -Time Attack: It is all about speed how fast can you go in 1 min!

    -Expert: One heart and a short timer! Can you handle it?

    -Light's Out: Flip and stack in the dark! Do you have the speed and concentration to concur the darkness?

    -Quick Draw: Just how fast is your reaction speed? Is it enough to trigger a MEGA STACK or a SUPER FLIP?

    -Leaderboard: Compete with friends and players all over the world in "All Time", "Weekly" and "Daily" leaderboards!

    -Achievements: Challenge yourself and unlock all achievements.

    -Adjustable controls: Play with one hand or two.

    -Play offline or online.

    -No In-App Purchases!

    -Available in Arabic and English!

    اقلب وكوّم الطاولات مع الفارس الأزرق في هذه اللعبة السريعة والمفيدة التي تختبر سرعة استجابتك وسرعة ردة الفعل لديك! تحدى اصدقائك وحطم الرقم القياسي وشاركهم نتيجتك حتى تثبت أنك الأفضل! قوّي وطوّر سرعة البديهة لديك حتى تصبح أسرع وامهر فارس مقّلب للطاولات!

    What makes my game unique?

    Easy to pick up and play. Tight controls built specifically for mobile gaming. Hand Drawn Animation.