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Flipping Filip

3rd IMGA

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Grand PrixExcellence in StorytellingExcellence in Audio Visual Art & Design
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About Flipping Filip

Flipping Filip is a highly stylized 2D casual adventure, our story-driven game progresses as the player solves puzzles with simple mechanics involving movement and interaction. What makes it cool is that you will be discovering twists, surprises, and humor at every corner of the game, all that is given life by fantastic hand-drawn animations.

The whole game is about Filip, a gloomy middle-aged man, Filip has two sides, just like a double-sided jacket, and a sneeze is all it takes for him to turn into a superhero. Initially, Filip struggles to get rid of his other side, so he can live his lonely life in peace, but an incident causes Filip to team up with Pilif against the antagonist of the story.

The gameplay involves solving linear story-driven puzzles which demand logical reasoning and exploration. Throughout the puzzles, Filip can turn into Pilif on specific occasions. although Pilif cannot be directly controlled, the player must set up the situation appropriately for Pilif, so he performs the desired actions and helps in solving the puzzles.

We have envisioned the game in 8 chapters. During the initial chapters, we get to know Filip and his multitude of problems, Pilif being the biggest one! Towards the middle of the game, Filip tries to develop his relationship with his crush, Alix. In later chapters, she gets kidnapped by Pilif’s nemesis, so Filip and Pilif become closer as Filip needs superhero abilities to rescue his girlfriend. The player would gain more control over Pilif towards the end of the game,
leading to a final confrontation with the villain of the story.