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Grapple Gum

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2nd IMGA

Ali Mehrez
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    About Grapple Gum

    Grapple Gum is a SlingShot-action-platformer featuring grapple and shooting mechanics that really tries to nail the "action shooter" feeling on mobile, this mean a one touch gameplay. In Game you'll face 4 challenges : (1) Sling yourself around and evade baddies, (2) Collect the three stars, (3) Shooting everything hostile before it reach you, (4) Fight the Bosses. How much time you spend on a level will depend on your play style.
    You'll play as a little pink piece of gum and grapple across moving objects. It's a neat mix of mechanics as you can float through the space, hitch a ride by hooking on the various platforms, and slingshot your way from one piece to another while also shooting at all kinds of targets, including big bosses and the little various sooty critters nibbling at your toes.

    What makes my game unique?

    Grapple Gum is a one of a kind Slingshot-Action-Platformer where you blast baddies, slinging yourself around, and grapple to various balloons on an extremely fun and satisfying adventure that emulate the aesthetics of doodles/drawings.

    Why could my game win an award?

    There are a lot of incredible games on mobile, but I think I am successful in breathing new mechanics and gameplay style on this particular platform. The neat mix of mechanics, technical execution, level design, and handcrafted art are all strong points that make Grapple Gum a strong competitor.