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Hook and Run – طق عقال

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4th IMGA

Raed Alsharif
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    About Hook and Run – طق عقال

    Hook & Run (Tag Egaal) is an action competitive game at the heart of the desert , the battle started with uncle Moeed and uncle Mhawish. They divided into two teams and since then the fight has begun. Each player has fatal weapons, Egaal to hook the enemy ,slippers to run and a destructive fist to hit with . To intensify the challenge, Tag Egaal is a multiplayer game , and players can boost their abilities using the power cards , equipping the character with a faster slipper, longer Egaal , and a stronger hit. Achievements board is here to make playing more exciting and rewarding, with the awesome parameters, players can win nes suits and powers based on each accomplished achievement. 


    Hook & Run features:

    • Arabic custom characters

    • Arabic sound effects

    • Online multiplayer game

    • Power up cards for speed, hit, hook length and armour

    • Multiple suits to boost up the player’s performance

    • Invitation system to increase points 

    What makes my game unique?

    Hook and Run is all composed of unique features. We were able to pinpoint the uniqueness of Hook and Run after the audience reaction to it once it was released. Since numbers speak for themselves, Hook and Run achieved over 100K installs on Android and over 17K on IOS within one month of publishing it and from a 1 minute Youtube Ad. Since then , gamers have been posting videos about Hook and Run on Youtube to share their experience. Hook and Run has a unique animation, design and gameplay. The gulf and specifically the Saudi Arabian culture was the inspiration behind Hook and Run theme and game design. We have chosen the theme based on our futuristic view and numbers indicate that the MENA region will be a huge market for mobile games and specifically Saudi Arabia.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Hook and Run is an Arabic game developed by Arabic young team of developers and designers, Hook and Run tells a story about culture, and we made sure to contextualise it in Arabic, to show the audience that Arabic developers can produce high quality mobile games that can compete with global game developers. Winning the award will show that Arabic talents do exist, and Hook and Run will tell the rest of the story.