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iTrix :The Trix Card Game

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2nd IMGA

Diwaniya Labs
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    About iTrix :The Trix Card Game

    iTrix : The Trex Card Game By Diwaniya Labs

    Diwaniya Labs is proud to present iTrix, our mobile version of the Trex card game!
    Trex is competetive four Player Card game and we offer it in a its classic form as well as some new game types!
    With this App, you can play Trex across iOS and Android devices and join other players online or play on your own against our intelligent computer players.
    Play iTrix for free and join the multiplayer experience to compete and climb up in our Ranking ladder.

    - Join other players online and compete in Trex games to earn the best rank.
    - You can invite your friends to play Trix with them or venture alone into the online venues.
    - Gain Experience Points to earn Levels and unlock a variety of rooms to compete in, ranging in rewards and different game modes, including Complex Trix, Mixing Trix, and our new unique game mode: Super Trix.
    - Complete a never ending stream of missions that will help you gain Gold Coins and Experience points.
    - Compete in the iTrix challenging online Ranking system and try to climb the ranks to become the best player!
    - Choose from various different avatar and voice sets. Unlock characters as you play iTrix.
    - Access the tutorial to learn the rules of the trix game by tapping the "?" button in the in-game main menu.
    - Several Card backs to choose from.
    - Supports Arabic and English interface.

    What makes my game unique?

    - Local flavour - Recorded voice actors - Original developed game mode [Super mode]