Winners & nominees 4th IMGA MENA

Kingdom of Corrupts

Nominated for the

4th IMGA

Özgün Yıldız
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    About Kingdom of Corrupts

    Kingdom of Corrupts is an exciting oldschool platform game with a colorful mixture of gameplay genres. This is a story of brave knight who is to discover what really happened on a distant kingdom.

    Discover new locations, solve puzzles, evade the traps, fight bosses, operate machines in a good old pixel-art atmosphere! You'll have to be smart to complete quests, witty to escape danger, attentive to overcome bandits and brave to fight the enemy in an open combat. The game for real heroes awaits you!

    Get ready for the adventure, put on your armor and draw your sword- the quest begins!


    • 9 Different Language support(English,Polish,French,German,Turkish,Italian,Norwegian,Spanish).
    • 3 "End Of Act" bosses.
    • Fortress defence.
    • Players journal.
    • Customizable player helmets.
    • Controller support.
    • 9 Game achievements.

    What makes my game unique?

    I'm believing the game has very unique elements like story and platform elements.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The game I developed is included very easy controls and straightforward components that gives good impression to platform players.