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Lamp of Truth (مصباح الحقيقة)

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1st IMGA

Diaa ElHak Guedouari
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About Lamp of Truth (مصباح الحقيقة)

A puzzle platformer game about existential illusions. Use the lanterns to illuminate the reality and your path to the next level. Remember, anything that you can't see, doesn't exist.

What makes my game unique?

This game brings a clever gameplay and new mechanic to the traditional platformers. As soon as you finish the first tutorial levels, the game is guaranteed to have you attached to it.

Why could my game win an award?

Because we believe we are the best, we have what it takes. We are willing to hit the global market with amazing and well designed games, we ain't going to stop until it is done and until we deliver our very best to the world.