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Linn: Path of Orchards Premium

4th IMGA

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Jury's Honorable Mention
zeynab mousavi
United Arab Emirates
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    About Linn: Path of Orchards Premium

    Step out of your conventional platforming habits and delve into the dynamic and rotating world of Linn, a modern puzzle platformer set in a fantastic and mysterious ancient world.

    You are in control of Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, on her journey through a lost sky temple. Help Aban on her divine mission to rejuvenate the ancient tree of light.

    Levels consist of treacherous dynamic platforms that make you rethink every move before you swipe your finger in any direction. Completing each level needs both timely reactions and logical thinking.

    - 60 beautiful and dynamic levels with hard to reach collectibles and clever puzzles
    - Atmospheric soundtrack that helps you immerse more in Linn’s mysterious world
    - Easy to use and responsive control for helping Aban jump, dash and move swiftly through air
    - Additional objectives for players who master the game’s control and want more challenge

    What makes my game unique?

    Linn: Path of Orchards is a new take on puzzle platformer genre. Where in other platformer games you stand on solid ground and try to find you way, in Linn nothing is stationary. Every platform is rotating which creates a whole lot of new puzzle design opportunities. The levels are designed in a way which will surprise the player in the beginning. Giving them enough time and freedom of movement to act, and asks them to do the impossible. Supporting this one of a kind game play core is an atmospheric art style and a very well polished technical programming to implement the impossible physics.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We are a team of 5 indie developers who has pushed their limits in making Linn: Path of Orchards a unique experience. We worked very hard to find the right balance between doing something creative, managing the technical challenges, coming up with suitable and minimal art style and trying to have a new approach to platformer games. Fortunately, our effort was worthy and the game found its place among gamers and critics both.