Winners & nominees 1st IMGA MENA

Liyla and The Shadows of War

1st IMGA

Winner of
Excellence in Storytelling
Rasheed Abueideh
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    About Liyla and The Shadows of War

    A very emotional game with sad story about the life in a war zone, this game will make you experience the war from the eyes of the civilians and it shows you the effect of wars on children.

    In war you don't know what is the right things to do, In wars you don't have a choice.
    Liyla and the shadows of war is a game based on actual events, it tells a story of little girl lives in Gaza during the war in 2014.

    What makes my game unique?

    Based on real events this game will show you how deep the games can be. This game will prove that games is the best way to let people experience situations they never had, better than movies or any other media.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Maybe, just maybe we can make a small difference in a world full of wars.