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Melody Streaks

Nominated for the

2nd IMGA

Naman Dwivedi
United Arab Emirates
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About Melody Streaks

Experience the gorgeous and minimalist world of Peggy the Mallet, where every turn she make plays a musical note. Tap in harmony with the turns on the track and create beautiful music. Experience the joy induced by the most memorable melodies ever created while Peggy summersaults her way through the tracks. Enjoy songs from several genres including classical, ragtime, blues, tango and more! Highly rhythmical songs require your thumb to tap in sync with the track. Play each level to your heart's content until you achieve total mastery.

What makes my game unique?

The fact that this game has been designed not only as a game, but as a "world of music" makes it different from any other musical game on the App Store. This game gives its players the opportunity to play and enjoy the unique and timeless piano melodies, allows them to purchase special premium song packs, allows them to write any song of their choice using the easy to use level editor, and allows them to share their performance videos of any of these songs directly to their social media profiles!- It is not just a game, it is a world of music.

Why could my game win an award?

n my experience as an avid mobile gamer and game developer, only few games think holistic "experienced based" design like Minecraft- which made it possible for its players to explore and to build structures alike, providing them a complete architectural experience. Melody Streaks brings such a holistic and minimalist design to the world of music, and allows its players to enjoy music with a clutter free one touch game mechanic. Its unique game mechanic and unique business model combined with a well tested and popular graphical style makes it poised to be a success on the App Store. I am confident this will be seen by the judges and will make Melody Streaks win the Grand Prix this year!