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Mahmoud Abu Obaid
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    About MODEY

    Live the real meaning of fun and try to free little Modey from between the different colored blocks! Paint the falling blocks with the same color as Modey and try to pickup the right shape for them to fill all the gaps around Modey.

    If you are a fan of the classic puzzle games you will enjoy MODEY game for sure. MODEY game is a unique puzzle game with many challenges. You can also build your own levels as you want and challenge your friends on Facebook to beat them!

    What makes my game unique?

    The gameplay mechanism of MODEY is kind of similar to the classic Tetris game however the objective is completely different; in MODEY game your main target is to free little Modey character from between the blocks by filling all the gaps in its row with spawned blocks that fall from top with the same color as Modey's color which makes it more harder and more challenging. The falling blocks come with different shapes, these blocks are not spawned randomly. They're spawned by MODEY algorithm which sometimes spawns the worst case scenario and sometimes spawns the best case scenario which depends on different elements in the current state of the game. In MODEY game you have control over the color and shape of the falling blocks if you have enough Painters and Custom Block Boosters. Another cool feature of MODEY game that you can build and customize you own levels as you want and share it with your friends on Facebook and challenge them to beat them to get rewarded with some virtual coins which can be used to buy Painters and Boosters from MODEY store.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Actually, all the games that have been nominated for the 2nd IMGA MENA are awesome games with great potentials. So, winning the Grand Prix won't be that easy! Nevertheless, I still have a lot of hope in my MODEY game which I've enjoyed every single moment in creating it. As the matter of fact that I've received a positive feedback from most of the people who played MODEY, which makes me really glad that all the effort that I've put into MODEY has paid off and didn't go in vain.