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Mr Crow Don’t open the envelope

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3rd IMGA

khashayar mohebbi
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    About Mr Crow Don’t open the envelope

    yoozpa game studio is a small , independent and agile company in the field of making interactive storybook app and game for children . We make innovative multimedia and high interactive storybook apps and game for children with the help of professional team (storytelling-illustrator and animators-voice acting and child counseling) using phone and tablet features. Mr crow don't open the envelope Once upon a time, there was a mailman crow who lived in a faraway jungle. On a holiday Mrs. Crow opens one of the envelopes and gets the letter inside torn. Mr. Crow wonders what to do to fix the problem. He sets off for the jungle to ask for help. He goes through many adventures while trying to solve the problem.

    What makes my game unique?

    Mr crow don't open the envelope A novel way of storytelling In this way we can Encouraging children to read books and through the story, they learns many deep moral concepts such as friendship, love, honesty, and so on through the story . • Specially designed for children • Interactive storybook and game for kids with two line of story (narration/dialogue) • Fully animated characters • Original music • Lots of interaction possibilities on a variety of scenes • Varied dialog/mono logs for characters • Highlighted subtitles for kids who have just learned reading and writing • Recorded by professional voice actors

    Why could my game win an award?

    It’s a digital storybook with games and animation in which the user is able to communicate with a variety of characters. A number of mini-games are incorporated in this storybook so the users (children) could run an animation or a make move by touching different spots. In this way the user can better interact with the story and is no more a mere viewer or listener. This attracts the users and encourages them to learn educational and moral points while gaining a sweet experience and making memorable moments. “Don’t open the envelope Mr. Crow” teaches the children honesty and accountability by means of storytelling as well as attractive illustrations and games. -Utilizing the services of the best professionals in storytelling, illustration, animation, music, voice acting and child psychology -A safe environment for children, no advertisements, no in-app purchases