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Mr. Know It All

Nominated for the

1st IMGA

Tarboosh Games
United Arab Emirates / Turkey
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    About Mr. Know It All

    Mr. Know It All is a content game that is more deep that it looks, it features thousands of questions, tens of levels and different mechanics. It is one of these games that one "thinks" they can easily beat, but when they get down to it things tend to be much more challenging. Mr. Know It All is not a trivia game, but rather a game of focus and concentration, presented in a very fun and energetic theme.



    Mr. Know it All, a game that challenges the limits of your concentration! Test yourself against more than three thousand "no-brainer" questions spread across tens of classifications in more than 75 levels! Enjoy thousands of witty comments that make you laugh and rage in case you get one wrong!

    What's difficult in answering obvious questions is how easily you can question your preconceptions! Play to find out how difficult it is to maintain a steady level of concentration while answering ten, twenty, or even one hundred questions in quick succession, and figure out what your concentration limit is. Answer quickly to get three stars, use powers to slow down time, or even change the question currently displayed.

    What makes my game unique?

    The game uniqueness stems from its simplicity, it is a game in which the processing is happening in players' heads rather than on the device itself. Content is what is very unique in this game, the idea and concept too. Game features around 3000+ questions, a character shop and 80+ levels. The game was featured by Apple of multiple occasions, as a best new game, games to play in 2016 and games we love section in as many as 70+ countries.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Mr. Know It All is a unique and fun game that helped bring millions of laughs to the hundreds of thousands of players who enjoyed playing the game around the globe! It is fun and challenging all due to the hard work put forth into the game and content design. In addition it features the following: - Original idea and concept! - Thousands of questions and witty comments! - Different game modes! - 27+ Amazing characters shop! - For the first time! Play as Mr. or Mrs. Know It All! - Tens of levels! - Localized to English and Turkish!