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2nd IMGA

Ali Nadalizadeh
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    About PerCity

    ​​ Revive the lost ancient empire of Persians! Build a cool city, grow it, and keep your citizens happy by producing the stuff they need!


    ✅ More than 30 different building to grow your city

    ✅ More than 70 different products to produce

    ✅ Ranking table for the most successful cities

    ✅ Mysterious sections that would unlock when you level up in the game

    ✅ Cool cargo ships which create a competitive atmosphere between you and others

    ✅ A perfect experience from the old Persian empire and culture

    ✅ Optimized for iOS and Android

    Why could my game win an award?

    We have used cutting edge Growth hacking techniques to design our farming and city simulation game. The design engages users for a long period of time. In addition ​Percity includes a flexible design engine which can alter almost any mechanics inside the game based on stats and user behavio​u​r. Moreover we have composed a great set of ​Persian themed graphics for the first time in this genre beside cool SFX and eastern music.​