Winners & nominees 1st IMGA MENA

Pix Hop

1st IMGA

Winner of
Best Quickplay Game
Abdullah Alsayed
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About Pix Hop

Bounce around racking up points & avoiding several ways to die in Pix Hop!

What makes my game unique?

Simple, fun and addictive.. "Techno bouncer. Keep your bouncing white square from falling down holes and getting nabbed by the various dangerous traps that appear in pursuit of a new hi-score. Nothing could be simpler." - Brendan Caldwell @RockPaperShotgun "No matter how bad I was doing I just kept wanting to play" -Gameface [Featured] "So minimalistic, but still so great - its it the present form of pong" - markiii1891 @ Newgrounds [Frontpaged] "I reckon I'll go back to this time and time again. Very original for such a simple idea" - cut4condie @ Newgrounds [Frontpaged]