Winners & nominees 3rd IMGA MENA


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3rd IMGA

Sham Al-Bdour , Jana Al-Bdour
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    About Qawqa3a

    We made our game in just three days as a challenge for games it is a colorful 3D Game filled with audio and visual effects attractive to children and tells the story of a small turtle that the evil cubes kidnapped and held in the distant castle and her mother the big tortoise has to rescue and free her from captivity and take her to the city of happiness to live together safely
    The evil cubes caught the small turtle to steal Its colors. All you have to do is simply click to help the mother to overcome obstacles and SAVE her daughter. Simply click to: shoot Jump Move Kill enemies Collect colors *Beware: bridges, mills, monsters We hope you like it

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game teaches children the importance of dealing gently with animals and the need to preserve animals that are endangered or exposed to capture, and how to protect them. This teaches them to deal with mercy and good with everyone, whether pets or others And teaches them the meaning of humanity and not to harm others or exposure to them badly Everyone deserves to live in freedom, peace and security

    Why could my game win an award?

    My Game is unique & We are : Sham Bdour( 16 years old ) .. I'm professional certified From Autodesk .. there are just 2 certified people in Jordan .. I'm one of them ☺️ I'm 3D Designer On Maya Autodesk ( شام البدور on Google ) ( Sham Al-bdour on Youtube ) ( Sham Al-Bdour on Facebook ) & Jana Bdour ( 12 years old ) Finished 5 levels of coding with Hello World Kids Developer on Unity Game Engine We Are ( Team ) From Jordan We are making 3D Educational Games with Unity Game Engine We are working to make our own Game development company A Company for Arabic Educational Games,Videos, Movies & Apps for Children . I'm the designer of the Graphics & 3D modeling on Autodesk Maya 3D My sister is the programmer on Unity with C# programming language We made more than 16 games with Unity 3D after one year and a half of learning & working ..( 6 ) of our games are published on Google Play : Our Link on Google Play : Our YouTube channel : Our Website :