Winners & nominees 4th IMGA MENA

Sandal Fight هوشة نعال

Nominated for the

4th IMGA

Mosaique Games
Saudi Arabia
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About Sandal Fight هوشة نعال

The fight is starting! Bring your sandals!
Sandal Fight is an online multiplayer fighting game inspired by kids' mischievousness. Pick your favourite character, and start a fight with a randomly chosen player. In the field, move your character through obstacles while aiming and throwing your sandals at the other player. Some power-ups will randomly spawn, so grab them to get an advantage in your fight. A player will lose if his HP depletes.


What makes my game unique?

Sandal Fight's theme has never been done before. It's a multiplayer fighting game designed to make you laugh and have fun, not just competing. The purpose of this game is to take the player to those mischievous days in the past where you play and laugh with other kids nonchalantly.

Why could my game win an award?

A funny multiplayer fighting game form the local environment is not a type of game seen enough. The comic art style, the funny sound effects and the ridiculous gameplay guarantees lots of fun for the players and potential for the game to grow in the future.