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Skelewton’s First Law

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2nd IMGA

Youmaku Games
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About Skelewton’s First Law

Skelewton's First Law is a 2D endless survival arcade game that takes place after Newton's death.
Newton wakes up to find himself a skeleton in the afterlife; his skeleton's name is "Skelewton".
Control the gravity to avoid obstacles and traps with Skelewton's gravity manipulation powers, and try to collect as many apples as you can without dying!
Use different power-ups to help you in the game, like the ghost apple that makes Skelewton intangible, or the alarm apple that stops the time!
Purchase and collect costumes for Skelewton using the apples you collect in the game!
Mix and match different costume pieces to create bizarre new costumes!
Ever wondered what does Newton's skeleton wearing a samurai armour looks like?

What makes my game unique?

Three different modes, Easy, Medium and Hard, each with their own unique challenges, traps and environments! Teleport to different levels as you collect more and more apples! Easy to pick up, difficult to master! As players go through the learning curve, they will get to enjoy the more difficult challenges in the game! The gameplay has progressive difficulty, the more apples you collect, the faster the traps will move and fire at Skelewton! Players get to choose between three different control methods for the game, motion controls, swipe mechanics and on-screen buttons! Collect costume pieces by purchasing different types of chests! There are common, uncommon and rare chests, each with their own set of unique costumes to collect! Complete your costume by collecting all four costume pieces! Mix and match different costume pieces to create bizarre new costumes!