Winners & nominees 4th IMGA MENA

Skull Switch

Nominated for the

4th IMGA

Raskulls Game Studio
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About Skull Switch

"We thought that death was the end, we couldn't be more wrong"
Skull Switch is a Hypercasual game that takes place in after life. You have to save the skulls from dying AGAIN! :D
Skull Switch is an addictive and challenging fast paced game about switching skulls to avoid incoming obstacles. The game contains three lanes, each has a skull. Play through over 100+ levels, endless mode. Unlock different looking skulls with different abilities, unique looks and stories.

What makes my game unique?

Enjoy the game's simplistic art style with vibrant colors. Challenge yourself through 100+ levels with more yet to come, or you can play endless mode to test your skills on several difficulties to beat your friends' highscores. Unlock various skulls with unique shapes, abilities and stories. Get Daily rewards and progression rewards.