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Spring Farm

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2nd IMGA

Medrick Games
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About Spring Farm

It all starts when Bahar moves from the city to her uncle's farm. She has amnesia and is moving to the farm to take a rest only to find out everything is quite messed up in Uncle's farm. Her cousins do not contribute to farm chores and neighbours are taking advantage of them. It is up to you to help Bahar set everything right and take part in the yearly competition to win an ancient golden egg!

Spring Farm is cute farming game in which you will produce countless products from crops to fruits and dairy to deliver endless orders. Delivering orders net you coins that help develope your farm even further!

If you want to decorate your farm and show off you can buy decorative items that are added constantly. You can visit other players farm and like their decorations.

What makes my game unique?

What makes Spring Farm a unique game within its genre is the arcing story it tells to the players through hundreds of dialogues between dozens of characters taking place in hand-drawn polished art style the game offers.