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Super Sheep

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2nd IMGA

Behzad Anjomrouz
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About Super Sheep

SuperSheep: Sheep to fly off
The game rule is very simple. Super sheep In the case of the sheep that are going to jump from the edge of a mountain and you as the savior he must be funny in different ways prevent the collapse of the sheep. You get to control a reaction that is unique not expect! Like the previous game of Appinu studio, this game is also designed in the style of a record that has two main modes record (according to meters) and timed mode (by eating sweets) that records each recorded separately, and you can invite friends and other players challenge.

- Creative and unique controls.
- Dual record mode (the meter) and a timed mode.
- Various sheep in sheep shop.
- Charming different environments.
- The best records with weekly prizes for the best record.
- Low-optimized space, performance, smooth even on weak phone.
- Suitable for all ages.

What makes my game unique?

Creative and unique game play, graphics UI, UX and controls.