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Mehdi Marzban
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About TheCage

Pitch Document

“TheCage” is the story of a squirrel caught violently at a cold winter night in his home jungle and transferred to a slaughterhouse in the suburbs. The squirrel locked-up in a cage has only a few hours to escape from the slaughterhouse. Because by the sunrise the workers will come back and kill him and other animals for the sake of their skins. Therefore, there is no better way except attempting to run while in a cage! Our squirrel must move and try to push his cage in different sections of the slaughterhouse to find a way out.
In “TheCage” all the events happen in the course of one night in different halls and rooms of the slaughterhouse. Main elements of the environment with which the player interacts are different platforms, obstacles and machinery. Agility and intelligence are the most important skill needed for the player to stay alive in between so many dangers awaiting for him.

Game Play
“TheCage” is a 2D, monochromatic, puzzle-platformer game.

Movement Mechanics:
In “TheCage”, the player has the control of a caged squirrel. By pushing against the cage bars, the player would be able to move it in different directions. He/she can push obstacles, jump over them and forcefully stomp the fragile blocks underneath.

Initial challenges consist of simple platformer ones. The player overcomes them by fast movement, jumping and preventing to fall in pits. Gradually however action and puzzle type come up. To solve puzzle challenges, the player usually needs to carry certain blocks to appropriate places and match some items to find a way forwards.