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Who Lurks

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1st IMGA

Hybrid Humans
United Arab Emirates
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    About Who Lurks

    Who Lurks is a local party game involving deception. Where players assume the role of crew members on the AE Hybrid spaceship. Play as a human protecting the crew, or stay undercover as an alien saboteur set on eradicating all human life. Each player takes turns performing tasks to conceal or reveal the alien life form. Discover, deceive, or die in this intensely fun party game!

    - Experience this thrilling and familiar party board game style in a digital format.
    - Practice your poker face with local multiplayer and 3-6 of your closest friends.
    - Play with a single device in pass-and-play mode.
    - Perfect the use of your Alien Abilities and disrupt the human players.
    - Enjoy a fast-paced single-player mode and unlock more content.
    - Accessibility option for the colorblind.


    What makes my game unique?

    Who Lurks is a unique mobile game. We wanted to bring the deception board game experience to mobile. The game is played on a single device with a group of people in a pass-and-play style. Increasing the entry barrier for the game, no hassle of connection the other devices. We've also come up with a design solution to fit the casual gamers market, to create a special mode for single player experience that works well for mobile players when they don't have their friends around to play local multiplayer. It was designed to unlocked additional content when achieving high scores in single player to use this new content in the multiplayer. Which allows different experiences to happen when playing on different devices, because one could have unlocked more content compared to their friends.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Snippets from different media outlets about our game: "Who Lurks, a one-of-a-kind party game of deception." Gaming Cypher "The problem with bringing a traitor mechanism game to mobile has always been that it works best when everyone is in the same room. Developer Hybrid Humans is going to try to debunk that with their latest, an original party game called Who Lurks" "Players will gather 3-6 of their closest friends, enemies, or frenemies for a test of wit, memory, and reflexes to bring the Alien out of hiding before it is too late." Fanboy Nation "The thought of playing such a game online doesn't do a lot for me, as part of the fun is watching your friends and trying to determine who's the big fat liar. Who Lurks is a new title that avoids that issue by having everyone play in the same room." Board Game Geek "A good meatspace party game is hard to find...but Who Lurks ticks all the right boxes. It's kind of like Clue mixed with John Carpenter's "The Thing"." CNET